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SERVPRO of Yuma Cleans HVAC and PTAC systems

4/3/2023 (Permalink)

PTAC unit in a hotel room SERVPRO of Yuma cleans PTAC cooling and heating unit in hotel rooms.

The Value of Packaged Thermal Air Conditioning in a Desert

Imagine life in the Yuma area without AC. That's why Packaged Thermal Air Conditioning (PTAC) units provide comfort for hotel guests, residents of senior living communities, and everywhere else they are in use. The benefits of a fully functional PTAC system cannot be understated. However, a PTAC unit that is not functioning correctly will be a constant source of guest (resident) unhappiness and complaints. Like all appliances, PTAC units require servicing and care to operate reliably at peak efficiency.

A recent industry survey revealed that the average lifetime of these units is about seven years. However, with proper care, PTAC units can last up to ten years. Energy efficiency technology and performance have improved dramatically in the past few years and may entice consumers to replace older units sooner. These newly manufactured units are now charged with an EPA-mandated alternative refrigerant, R-410A, which is less harmful to our atmosphere and the ozone layer. Testing reveals these new models are more efficient and will last longer than the previous technology when correctly cared for.

How Often Should a PTAC Unit be Cleaned?

Whether you have old or current PTAC units, they should be cleaned at least once each month or more often in a new facility or rooms with carpeted flooring. Dirty filters will decrease HVAC operating efficiency by as much as 20% while reducing energy costs. A dirty PTAC filter will also increase your energy costs.

SERVPRO of Yuma East, Foothills (and our El Centro location) provides commercial HVAC cleaning, including regular cleaning programs for PTAC units. Please, call our office so we can discuss your requirements and hopefully help you maintain and extend the useful life of your PTAC appliances. 

Our experienced technicians can be reached at 928-247-1180

Are you Breathing Dirty Indoor Air?

8/11/2022 (Permalink)

A PTAC room air-conditioner SERVPRO of Yuma HVAC equipment being used to clean HVAC ducting in a hospital.

HVAC and PTAC Cleaning for Healtheir Indoor Air

SERVPRO of Yuma East Foothills provides HVAC cleaning, drier vent cleaning, and cleaning of PTAC (packaged thermal air-conditioners).

Are you breathing dirty air in your home or office? According to the EPA, indoor air can be two to five times dirtier than outdoor air. Household dust can contain animal dander, mites, mold, pollen, and other contaminants. All of this gets cycled through your heating and cooling system.

There are circumstances when ducting can be unusually dirty. Such as after a fire, water damage event, or pest infestation. By naming these issues, we’re not intending to be gross or use scare tactics. We simply want to assure you we have the skills and equipment to provide solutions to resolve these unhealthy problems.

We effectively clean your air duct system using the negative-air cleaning method which is ideal for both residential and commercial locations. The negative-air method blocks all the air return and vent openings and cuts into the ductwork near the air handling unit. Brushes are also inserted into the ducting to loosen the dust and dirt from the ducting walls.  A large vacuum hose is then inserted into the ductwork to extract and capture the dust and dirt. We have ideal cleaning systems for homes, and our commercial duct cleaning equipment can tackle any size job. Our commercial grade equipment delivers extraordinary results for:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Senior living facilities
  • Medical/dental facilities
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Other locations

Dryer Vent Cleaning:

It’s so easy to forget about the dust and debris buildup in a dryer vent. We can help by providing a scheduled routine of dryer vent cleaning for hotels, commercial laundries, apartments, vacation homes, and others. Yes,  we perform dryer vent cleaning for our residential clients too.

Packaged Thermal Air Conditioners.

SERVPRO of Yuma East Foothills has technicians trained in cleaning PTAC units used in hotels and other locations. We offer attractive rates for regularly scheduled cleaning. Estimates are always free. Please, call us at 928-247-1180.